Callendar House: Falkirk

callendar house

Photo courtesy of Dog N Wolf Productions

Since the middle ages: Callendar House epitomises 600 years of Scottish history. Follow in the footsteps of Mary, Queen of Scots, Cromwell or Bonnie Prince Charlie.

The original Tower House was built in 1345 by William de Livingston: He was gifted the Callendar estates by King David II and it was occupied by his descendants until 1747.

The property was purchased in 1783 by a wealthy copper merchant from London, Mr. William Forbes "a self made man" who played a leading role in the rapid growth of the area.

Many changes have been made to the house and you can still see traces of architecture spanning five centuries.

Now a Heritage Museum, the rooms have been restored to their original grandeur.

Located in Falkirk, it is only 30 minutes from Edinburgh: and Glasgow: