Unique Wedding Services in Aberdeen including Hypnotherapy

With the pressure on these days to make your wedding more unique than just the previous one you attended for your friend or family member, searching for unique wedding services as the bride or even unique wedding gifts as a guest can be a real challenge.

While these services below may not be for everyone, this page is designed to give people a different look on what they may want to add to their wedding or buy as a gift for the bride.

Wedding Hypnosis

Wedding Hypnosis

This is probably the last service you would ever think of as a bride or guest for the wedding day, yet it could make an excellent gift and leave the bride in total appreciation of your thought behind it.

It's natural as a bride to feel overwhelmed emotionally as your special day approaches and the pressure increases on making sure your wedding goes off perfectly. At the same time you have to deal with the nerves of commitment which regardless of who you marry is a natural part of getting married.

Hypnosis therapy can help you really relax as the day nears allowing you to enjoy your time more. While many may disregard hypnosis it has been shown on many occassions to help relieve stress and anxiety allowing the person to be able to enjoy their life far more afterwards. Through a series of suggestive therapies the bride will be able to enjoyment the excitement of their special day without having the negative side of the nerves and anxiety - usually created from irrational negative thoughts.

Bridal hypnotherapy as pointed out by Memuna is becoming gradually popular with brides but still remains a unique and unthought of gift by 1,000s of brides in Scotland and the UK.

If your looking for this unique psychological therapy for your wedding in Aberdeen we would recommend contacting Vicki Rebecca. She also offers relaxing retreats away to exotic locations such as India to replenish your energy and transform your mind.

Hire a Drone!

drone photography

So we all know the standard is to hire a professional photographer for your wedding, but now many people hire and operate a drone with both photographic and video capabilities!

This can be particularly well received if the bride and groom decide to get hitched or have a reception in a very picturesque location out in the countryside. Here generally speaking you shouldn't need a license to fly or operate one, you would get away with it a lot more than if you were in the centre of a city.

Drone photography can capture unbelievable shots of the entire wedding from a perspective you simply couldn't do with an on the ground photographer. They don't have to fly so high either, they can actually fly low and capture surprisingly up close and personal shots and footage.

This can include the bride and grooms entry to the wedding or reception in their respective cars or if entering with a horse and cart even better!

The Drone Girl has a great article on wedding drones and which one to possibly purchase if you want to take charge of filming your own wedding.