Weddings on Boats: Hire a Boat to Cruise in Scotland

Weddings become more extravagant every year that passes with more being publicised all over Instagram and competition heating up as to who can have the most unique and flamboyant wedding celebration, venue and transportation.

If you are considering a Scottish summer wedding and looking for a unique and alternative idea for it then why not consider hiring a boat?

Majestic Line Company: West Scotland

caledonian canal cruise and wedding boat hire

The Majestic Line company is a great example of a boat Brides should consider chartering. Amoung other locations it can cruise for your wedding is through the heart of Scotland via the Caledonian Canal via one of their custom designed boats. You can find out more about a private charter for your wedding reception via their website here - Similar to they are a small company who can adapt to your wedding boat hire needs which means you can plan the perfect wedding to suit you rather than having to go along with a fixed plan for where and when to cruise.

Beautiful Cruises Await

It is up to you whether you want to share the boat with 9 other guests once the ceremony is over or whether you want to cruise privately with just the two of you. It will be 6 nights for Caledonian Canal coupled with Lochness or you can do many other areas for 3 or 6 nights too such as the Coastlines and Castles of Argyll.

Maid of the Forth, Lothian

Maid of the Forth Wedding Boat Hire

Have your ceremony and reception with the Maid of Forth in Lothian, Scotland by privately chartering their boat for the day or even cruise to the island of Inchcolm with them to get married at the Medieval Abbey or Charter House. Visit to discover more about their large boat that can hold a considerable amount of people for both the ceremony and reception.

Inchcolm is an island north of Edinburgh. It's a beautiful place to get married with fantastic sights and represents a perfect setting for a marriage. You can find out more by visting